Multilingual lexicon download service

This service allows the download of the lexicons of multiple languages as a single interconnected lexico-semantic network. It generates a composition of the various selected lexicons linked to a chosen hub/trade language.

Trade/Hub Language

There is a main language from which all the process starts, which is called the hub. Its data and metadata are retrieved as in the monolingual case which are available at link.
All the other languages to export must be connected to the hub language: this means that only what can be connected to the hub can be exported.

Satellite Languages

For the satellite languages, words, lexical gaps, synsets, senses, and their relations are filtered based on concepts: if the concept to which such items are connected is present in the hub language, the item is retrieved, otherwise it is skipped.

The resource with hub language and trade languages is ready to be downloaded


Here is a pictorial representation of the association between the hub language and the connected trade languages.